Monday, September 12, 2011

Update of BB Fragrances Fall SOAP Team

Hi all,

Sorry haven't really posted in a few days. It's been really busy with orders coming in which is good. We love that. I promise that after I make soap tomorrow morning I will try to get some pics of the soap & perfume we did for the tester fragrances. Most performed well in soap with the exception of #7 which smelled like Cedar/Mint. The scent was good but the soap seized immediately. Had a hard time with that one so the soap doesn't look too good yet. Still working on that.

Loved all but #5 and #7 was okay. I love #4 in perfume and we just made it into soap tonight. I used brown oxide for color and it was a deep rich brown until I added #4 Mystery Woman Fragrance to it. Then it turned a Caramel Color. Really pretty. I have never had a fragrance lighted soap before. It was nice especially as you don't know what to expect since these are mystery fragrances. It's been fun and I will miss it.

Thanks to doing this we have sold a Strawberry Shortcake as we decided to name it. One of our regular customers purchased it along with a lotion, and one of our nail polish for a matching set for her niece. Thank you again for shopping with us!!

Anyway, tomorrow I will unmold the bars done in #4 and take pics. Named it Mystery Woman just because it is a mysterious fragrance. Smells really really good in Perfume.

Pics of Soap:

#4 in Mold
                                 Berrylicious pic taken today. Still looks good and we sold one    of these bars too. Thank you Bramble Berry.

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