Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#4 in Soap n Pics I promised for www.brambleberry.com Fall SOAP Team

#4 in CP soap is very subtle after 24 hrs. I would recommend more than 1 oz due to the fact it does grow fainter. This is what they today after 24 hrs of mold.
Here is #4 in the mold last night

Here is the perfume in #4. We named it Mysterious Woman. It smells like a really expensive designer perfume. Great for that use.

Here it is today out of the mold. Very subtle but feminine. I would say for a strong smell 2 oz would be needed. It performed great. I didn't have any ricing or seizing. Nice subtle fragrance to work with. Sad that this is the last one to test. It's been a blast. I really like this one maybe because I don't like fragrances too strong. You can smell and it is a nice smell. Very feminine! You can't go wrong with this one.

Here is a fresh updated look at how the soaps look today with the fragranes Bramble Berry sent when we were chosen as on the Fall Soap Team. We were thrilled when found out we were one of the Team Members!!

 Thank you Bramble Berry for 2nd shipping our missing colors to us so we would have to make things for the Show Saturaday Sept 17, 2011. It' s been alot of fun and look forward to others in the future. hmm, that reminds me I need to get some fragrances again after Saturday's Show. AppleJack Peel is a must have!! Winter White is another!! Will come in sometime tomorrow and get all captiosns listte.


  1. Hi there from Simply McGhie!

    I love #4 too! I'm having so much fan and can't wait until they reveal the names so I can see how close I was on some of them.

    Have fun!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Me too!!! It has been so much fun!! Now we have finished them but just sold Mystery Woman Perfume!! So thrilled to sell these items!!!

    Christina M