Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 days until Show

Well tomorrow is the day before our Show. We are busy getting ready. I also have to make a Custom Perfume for a customer this weekend and let it set for a couple of days to make sure the fragrances don't react in a negative fashion. After all customers expect the best and the best is what I deliver. 100% positive feedback on our Etsy Shop so come check us out at We accept Wholesale, Volume, Custom Orders. Please contact us for more details. We are happy to help.

I'll update the Blog Saturday night or Sunday after the Show to let you all know if we sold any of BB Tester Fragrances other than the ones we have already sold. The Strawberry Shortcake Tester Fragrance sold in a bar of soap. It sold for a little girl. At first it smelled like strawberry banana YUM!! but after awhile it smelled more like Berry just fainter. Need more fragrance for the loaf of it but it performed pretty good. It did start to set up early because of the Strawberry in it but I just poured it at really thin trace so I would have time to work with the colors. I posted a pic of it in last night's blog with the new labels thank you BB for the labels. I really like the cigar bands on the soap & the new labels I purchased from Avery for the body care products really makes our stuff look professional. Well more labels to print then off for the night to finish packing everything including our makeup for the Show. I don't have everything listed on the site that we have but I will after the Show.

Christina M

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