Monday, January 30, 2012

The Best Cake Pops I ever ate

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend on Etsy, lulla, Storenvy, & I got some cake pops from her and even daughter was begging for more b/c they were soooo good. She has 25% off right now so what are you waiting for? GO ORDER!!! I mean she is AMAZING!!! They were the best I ever tasted ANYWHERE!!!! Go here to purchase them at 25% off w/Code "sweet25". The picture is above and boy don't they look yummy?

I can't say enough about how nice Jeana is. I am ordering some cupcakes from her for my Niece and her husband. She is even nice enough to create a custom order for me and drop ship it to them. Oh did I mention she is going to them there before Valentine's Day? I mean you just can't go wrong. Look at the picture at the bottom and tell me they don't look YUMMY!!

She is doing all this while the threat of her husband being deported hung over her head. I blogged about that last night. Thanks to all the donations they made enough for him to apply (providing they don't make him do another medical) get his work authorization. He is a professor or was until the university had to put him on leave w/o pay. I'll link his blog to here again. By the way they still need donations so please don't stop donating. Here is where you can read their heartbreaking situation.:

Look YUMMY? Well just go here to purchase: and don't forget to save 25% using CODE: sweet25

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