Monday, August 29, 2011

Tester Fragrance #1 Berrylicious

8/28 We decided to call this one Berrilicious because it smells so good. We love all the fresh berry smell in it. They really blend well and I would definitely recommend keeping this one!

We thought about it and talked it over and even my daughter helped pick colors. A little nervous about this because we chose alot of colors and I haven't done that many at one time. Well okay let's get it over with.
So I poured out the colors black oxide, red oxide, liquid orange, ultramarine blue, violet all from Bramble Berry. Love their colors. Decided to break the colors with some of the soap base that was color/fragrace free to break up the colors more. So I poured a little of each color and since the black was going to have the least amount I poured the fragrance in it yep both bottles. Every drop I could get.

At the last minute I decided to top it with green chrome to represent the green foliage berries usually grow on. See each color represents types of berries found in the wild. See if you can figure out what color represents what berry. Would love to hear.

This is soooo much fun!! I would love to do this again. Soaping hasn't been this much fun in a long time.

Here it is ready for bed. Just poured.

Here it is today out of the mold. Oh my gosh when I popped this out of the mold it smelled sooo good!!

First cut! Oh is smells so good and I am outside on the deck! What do you think of the colors?

13 bars ready to ship in 10 days! What do you think? Want a Berrylicious bar? We ship worldwide!


  1. Those are big bars of soap! I love all the colors. Hope you're enjoying SOAP testing as much as I am ;-)

  2. I've been thinking of dabbling in soap making & lotion making ~ it looks like a lot of fun! :~)

  3. Margie,

    It's alot of hard work but I love it. It isn't easy. Be sure to do all your homework first.