Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well the Show was not worth attending I'm sorry to say. There were very very few people there and they weren't the buyers. We did sell a little but now it is time to make room for Fall/Winter & Christmas items so we are running a 25% discount on items left from the Show. There isn't anything wrong with them just need the room in our stock room. Price will reflect discount.

We did sell a Berrylicious & a bar of Secrets. The lady that bought it had a hard time deciding what she wanted and finally decided on Secrets which was #5. Even Mom likes #4 Mystery Woman and she is 72. I like it so well I dabbed the last drop on my wrist as perfume before the Show. I just might keep Mystery Woman Perfume. I really like it and everyone who stopped by our table really liked it. Of course it was the women the men went to the table next door to look at the wooden toys. They were handcrafted. Mom bought my daughter a Tic Tac Toe Set from there.

Here are pics of our Booth at the Show.

Like the Cigar Bands on the soap Bramble Berry? Yes, they are from you guys and work so wonderful with my soap! Thank you so much. It's been a blast doing the Tester Fragrances for Fall SOAP!

Berrylicious which was #1 if memory serves me correct faded some in the soap after curing but it is still nice and we fixed it with some berry fragrance we have. We did sell one at the Show.

Passion Flower #2 held up in fragrance for CP soap but is taking much longer to cure so I couldn't take it to the Show. Made at the same time as Sunset and out of the same batch of soap but just isn't curing as fast. Not too sure I'm overly fond of it anyway but hey what I don't like someone else might love.

Strawberry/Banana as it was originally named then changed to Strawberry Shortcake as the fragrance changed over time as the soap cured was #3 & defiinitely set up early due to the strawberry in it but worked great other than that. the only thing is 1 oz will not fragrance a 2lb loaf to last. You must add more which we did later so it now smells really nice.

Mystery Woman #4 smells so good in perfume that I grabbed the last drop to dab on my wrists before the Show. I also made 3 Oval Bars & one Rectangular. My mom who is 72 loves it. It holds it's color well too.

Secrets #5 was done in green chrome but naturally changed to green & brown for a nice contrast and did sell at the Show. Decided this could be a unisex bar when I smelled it out of the bottle.

Sunset #6 as I named it still smells nice like a perfume but a nice ladies perfume. Not too great a hit in my neighborhood which isn't too surprising with the economy. Posting it on my Facebook Fan Page to see how it goes there and will list on website.

Cedar/Mint #7 as it smelled like when I first opened the bottle changed in the cured soap to just Cedar. At least Cedar holds it's fragrance in CP. I was just really disappointed that the mint vanished because it smelled really good together. Would make a good masculine soap now. Not liking the size I cut it into but that is my fault not the fragrance or soap.

Cedar/Pine as #8 smelled like still smells nice and strong but then Cedar holds well in CP. I just am not liking the size I cut it into. Oh well that's okay.

Christina M


  1. My only suggestion based on other people's luck at shows selling body care products - don't leave everything flat. Get yourself some displays - even wooden fruit baskets. Just something to help keep your soaps lined up and up off the table. Build your displays vertical as well as horizontal.

    Don't put out everything you have with you either. Just put out a few bars of every type you have - if a customer sees you have 1 left of something and they like the scent they're more likely to buy that last bar than they are if they see 40 others like it. Doing this will minimize the number of tables you have to cart with you to each show as well.

    You can make your own risers for products out of cardboard boxes, cover them in pretty fabrics or just tape them together to form stairs and hide them under your main tablecloth.

  2. Hi,

    We only put out 3-4 of each of our best sellers the rest were in boxes under the table. It is true about there being only one of something and they are more likely to purchase.

    There were several ball games in town Saturday making it a bad time for a Show to take place and the economy doesn't help.