Monday, September 5, 2011

Catch up on BB Soap Team

Sorry I haven't posted lately in our blog. I have been very very busy! Thanks to the blog and other advertising we are picking up even more of orders which we love. Our customers love our products! We are also getting ready for a Show on Sept 17, 2011 which is 12 days away! Phew it is keeping us busy! We hope to see you at Pioneer Days at Cumberland County Fair Grounds in Crossville, TN. We will be set up inside so stop by and give us a shout!

#7 Fragrance-Set up in Seizure really really fast! I did it in 2 browns, blue and red. It smells like Cedar/Mint to us. While it smells okay together it isn't my favorite. The combination is okay together though. Just if you are going to work with it in CP you will have to work really really fast or it will seize on you. Here are the pics I took of it. Not too sure it will be a hit so only made a small batch.

#7 Cedar Mint next day's cutting

Also, did #8 which smells exactly like Cedar to us. We mixed it with Balsam Fir for a great Hunter's Soap. I really like this one. As you can see from the pics I did it in Green, Blue, Red, Brown. This would be perfect for Hunters and Loggers or any Outdoors Man. Yes, I said man and not woman b/c I really believe this is a GREAT MASCULINE SCENT.  Really reminds me of the outdoors. Really nice (I know not what men like to hear so you gentleman out there tell me how to say it smells nice good manly).  This one of course performed perfectly in CP.  Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think.

Cedar Pine After it's cut the next day. Looks good. Now a few days later still smells good!

#6) Can't quite identify the scent so I decided to call it Sunset. It just reminded me of one somehow. Now some people may say a sunset doesn't have fragrance but I disagree b/c long about sunset in AK the night birds would come and the fish would jump in the lake in front of the cabin. You could just smell the change in the air. So fresh and rich. Guess it will always be home to me except too cold but love that fishing. Anyway, here are the pics from Fragrance #6 called Sunset. I did it in Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink & Green. Really smells nice.

Okay here it is in the mold. I know my mold doesn't maintain it's shape. Not tough enough Silicone. No wonder I only buy from anymore. They have really nice tough ones that last a lifetime. As you can see from the pic it did go through gel phase but as you can see from the pic after it's cut it looks really nice. Added another color to it w/o me doing it.

Fragrance #2: Performed really well in CP. Can't quite identify the scent. Floral with sweet undertones. Named this one Majestic Flower. It reminded me of a majestic flower. Colors I chose to do this one in are Gold, Red, Yellow, White, & Green.

It doesn't look so good in the pan but after it's cut it's okay. I don't know that I'm thrilled with it but I am really picky so what doesn't appeal to me usually does to someone else. lol Let me know what you think. Performed great without ricing or seizing. We'll see in a few more days what it looks like.

Fragrance #5: Again can't quite identify everything in it so I am calling this one Secrets. I did this one in green chrome and as you can see the fragrance reacted with the color. I'll get a pic tomorrow of what they look like now a few days later but this is what they looked like when made.

They are turning more green but have that yellow spotchy on top from the chemical reaction. Not overly fond of this fragrance personally. It is kind of sweet but yet not too much and not sweet like candy either. It didn't rice or seize. This isn't one I would order.

Fragrance #4: We did this in perfume and boy do I love love it! It smells sooo good. I highly recommend this one. It has top floral notes. I would definitely buy this one and wear it!! We are going to make a small soap to go with the perfume and will let you know how it performs probably this weekend. Hmm, I didn't load the perfume pics. Will do that tomorrow. Sorry about that but it did stay clear.

Well off for tonight and will update pics. All soaps are holding well so far.

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