Friday, January 27, 2012

Please help this family!! They are almost at their goal & need a little more help!

Won't someone please help this family? Anything will help!! Please please help them!!!

Doesn't anyone have a few cents even to spare to help? Please!! Or if you don't want to

donate go to and buy some of her

scrumptious cupcakes, cake pops or cakes!! Believe me they are delicious and I know

because I she was gracious enough to send me some cake pops to try & I ordered cupcakes

from her. She is offering 20% off this week.

He isn't a person to sit around and let his wife work and take care of him. He was a

professor at a well known university for over 10 yrs! All he wants is to stay with his family

here in the United States and go back to work at the university where he worked for over 10


He needs $1071 to complete his paperwork to stay in the U.S. by Monday and they have

raised $821.70 to day. He still needs $249.30 to stay in the U.S. by Monday. Okay I know

this month was taxes and last month was Christmas and next month is Valentine's but come

on surely we can spare some money to help a family stay together. Why not give the

ultimate Valentine's gift to this family this year by donating some money to help them stay

together? Give all you can to help them even a few cents will help.

  Look I don't have much money but even I can donate a little to help them. It unfortunately

won't be much but every little bit helps. Whether it is just a few cents, or several dollars

everything helps. Let's make this the year we really show a family that we care!!!

   Remember he is a professor at a univerisity not someone just sitting home asking people

to support him. He is a hard worker and a father. all he wants is to stay here with his family.

Can you find it in your heart to help? Even a little? Surely we can!! Just a little will help!!

This is the link to his blog where you can read his story and donate. You can also keep up

on how much has been donated & how much is still needed. Please help them!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! Remember she makes delicious food so tell her you

 want that order to go toward donation needed to keep this family together. :D

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